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Joy4life4u pays!

All ity takes is just 2 easy steps: 1) Join by registering for a membership from just $10.00 a month) 2) Invite other people to join and get paid 50% when they buy a membership!

created for you!

You can earn money from your home without spending time clicking for a few cents. Earn real money from home No hidden fees, no catches! Easy Peasy Besides that, you will have acces to a huge PLR Libary for you to use and learn!

Real Stats

These days many websites show fake stats just to attract users, we don’t! Realtime statistics Detailed statistics Real payment proofs No fake promises, just real facts

Friendly Website

This website was created for you to earn money, not to spend time on learning to use it. Professional support, Secure environment, Innovative ideas and Easy to use!


Or most asked questions....

How does this system work?

light-bulbThis system is very simple, after you join and choose your membership, all you have to do is to invite other people and to explain them why they should use this system. You will receive commissions for every referral who choose his membership and the cool part it that you will receive commission not just once, but every time when his membership is renewed.

Why should I choose a membership?

light-bulbYou have to choose the membership because this is how the system works. Let's say you are somebody elses referral, if you don't choose your membership, your recruiter won't receive any commission. Is the same for you, if your referral don't choose a membership, you won't receive any commission. Being required to choose a membership before using the system, will bring commissions to everybody and you will get money for every active referral.

Is it worth to pay for membership?

light-bulbI will give you the chance to answer this question by yourself. If you invite just 2 active members, no matter what membership you choose, you will have profit and you will be able to withdraw the money, what happens if you invite more, does it worth?

What is "waiting time" for commissions?

light-bulbWaiting time is a period of days (depends on type of your membership) which you have to wait until commission is added into your account balance. This is used to prevent fraudulent activities, chargebacks, etc.

How long time I have to wait to receive my payment?

light-bulbIf you send us a payout requests, you have to wait up to 7 days to receive the payment. Sometimes we send it in few hours, sometimes few days, but no more than 7 days. If by any chance you won't receive your payment in 7 days, please contact us.

What is the minimum payout?

light-bulbMinimum payment is set to $10, which means if you have to invite 2 active referrals, you are already able to withdraw money. via PayPal

How may I be sure I get paid?

light-bulbThis system was designed to be profitable for users and for us in the same time. If you bring referrals, we also have our cut from membership sales, so there is no reason to cheat you, as long as by paying our users is actually more profitable for us, because we keep attracting more and more users to join, which bring more and more money for everybody.


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